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PE2020 presented in the Dutch Presidency conference

This summer The Brainport Eindhoven Region hosted the 7th edition of the European Commission’s Week of Innovative Regions in Europe (WIRE). This conference of the Directorate-General Research & Innovation serves as a prime event under the flag of the Dutch EU Presidency in 2016. The WIRE 2016 conference provided a platform for policy makers, national and regional authorities, knowledge institutions and enterprises from all over Europe to have an in-depth discussion on research and innovation practices and challenges throughout the European regions, including possibilities in the current EU funding programmes and those beyond 2020.

One of the team leaders of PE2020 dr. Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienėresults presented the results of the project in the parallel session “The Art of Collaboration 2 – Teaming up to innovate more rapidly”

About the conference: http://www.wire2016.eu/programme-themes

Presentation: http://www.wire2016.eu/uploads/documents/WIRE-2016-Saule-Maciukaite-Zviniene-Lithuania.pdf

– Saule –