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Pros and Cons for Public Engagement

Currently, we are finalising the report related to enhancing and hindering factors for public engagement (PE) combining dynamically governed research policy cycle and participatory performance model. Within the frame of literature review and survey analysis, we identified driving forces and barriers to get people engaged in science and research policy.

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As a result, we collected a list of core enhancing factors for successful PE, which is related to quality of governance and research, better interaction and communication: 1) transparency; 2) balanced inclusion; and 3) improvement of policies (effectiveness & responsiveness). Moreover, PE is more successful when it is repeated, i.e. it helps to reorient public towards self-organisation and create overall dynamics. Despite promising keywords for the success of PE, inevitably, we are faced with barriers such as passivity and fatigue of lay people to get engaged. Continue reading Pros and Cons for Public Engagement