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Another 360,000 ETH disappears from centralized exchanges in 4 days

Withdrawals, withdrawals, more withdrawals – The tumble continues for centralized trading platforms. After losing 800,000 ETH in 3 days at the beginning of September, an additional 360,000 ETH has been removed from the exchanges.

More and more users continue to withdraw their ETH from exchanges. Between September 16 and 20, the reserves of exchange platforms were reduced by 360,000 ETH . This represents a deficit of over $ 123 million for centralized platforms.

All housed in the same boat

Even the Bitcoin Bank platform , so far spared from capital flight, has been affected. Indeed, over the same period, the platform saw the disappearance of 109,386 ETH . This amount represents a 4% drop in ETH capital held on the Chinese platform.

DeFi vampires CEXs

Although the reason for the capital flight is not clearly defined, it is likely that DeFi is the cause. Indeed, in parallel with the losses of centralized exchanges, Uniswap saw the liquidity of its protocol explode.

Thus, between September 16 and 20, more than 1.45 million ETH passed through the Uniswap pools , according to data from DefiPulse.

Bitcoin is not left out

For his part, the king of cryptos has a similar fate. Indeed, 16,500 BTC have been withdrawn from centralized exchanges since September 14. This represents an average value of $ 146 million.

Evolution of the number of BTC available on platforms since January 2020 – Source: Glassnode
For once, it is likely that DeFi is the source of this capital flight. Indeed, during the same period, the number of BTCs blocked in the protocols of decentralized finance has also increased.

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