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Will Bitcoin beat JP Morgan and Bank of America?

Despite having a much smaller capitalization at this time, Anthony Pompliano assures that Bitcoin will outperform JP Morgan and Bank of America.

In the last few years, Corona Millionaire value has not stopped growing, and so has the market capitalization of cryptomoney. However, despite having a market of over $200 billion, BTC continues to lag behind traditional financial institutions in terms of capitalization. That doesn’t stop Anthony Pompliano from claiming that Bitcoin outperformed JP Morgan and Bank of America in today’s Tweet:

Bitcoin’s behavior in early October

Bitcoin vs. traditional banking

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the main goal of cryptomoney has been to replace fiat money as a means of worldwide exchange. Gradually, we are adding new users to the crypto community, who believe that BTC’s goal is achievable. This has allowed cryptomoney to position itself today with a market capitalization of 198,387 million dollars.

However, this figure, as impressive as it may seem, is still only a small fraction of the traditional financial market. With two of the largest banks in the world, JP Morgan and Bank of America, having a capitalization of 300 billion and 213 billion respectively.

For Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin’s capitalization will soon surpass that of JP Morgan and Bank of America. Source: CoinMarketCapFor Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin’s capitalization will soon surpass JP Morgan and Bank of America.

This does not prevent crypto-influencers like Anthony Pompliano from being only a temporary situation. While crypto currencies continue their unstoppable advance to become the basis of the international financial system. This is why Pompliano wrote on his Twitter account assuring that BTC would soon reach a billion dollars:

„Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $200 billion. Both JPMorgan Chase ($300 billion) and Bank of America ($213 billion) have higher market capitalizations. I bet I know which financial service reaches $1 trillion first.

Despite the criticism that this commentary has raised from crypto users, who deny that centralized institutions like Bank of America and JP Morgan can be compared to Bitcoin. The truth is that it is only a reaffirmation of the confidence that Pompliano has shown for years in the future of BTC.

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