News from related projects – CASI

The PE2020 project is keeping a close eye on other projects that focus on public engagement/participation. A project that started around the same time as PE2020 is CASI – Public participation in developing a common framework for assessment and management of sustainable innovation.

CASI kuva

 CASI is an EU FP7 -financed research project with a focus on public participation in sustainable innovation. The project’s main objective will be to develop a methodological framework for assessing sustainable innovation and managing multi-disciplinary solutions through public engagement in the RTDI system by ensuring the commitment of a broad spectrum of societal stakeholders into its implementation, including industry, policy-makers, research organisations and academia, civil society organisations and the general public.

The project will develop:
– a working definition of sustainable innovation, building on common definitions, academic literature as well as expert advice internal and external to the project consortium;
– ways to include general public concerns in assessing the social impact of these innovations on society in consultation workshops. Issues such as participation in the development of innovation, inclusiveness, ethics, gender and open access will be considered in these sessions;
– a common understanding of best practices in sustainable innovation management;
– a framework for assessment and management of sustainable innovations;
– specific policy recommendations on how to improve innovation management and how sustainability considerations can be incorporated into it based on the findings of the assessment framework and public consultations.

The most recent output in the CASI-project has been the publication of one European level policy briefs and 12 national policy briefs concerning Smart Cities. Also a European level policy brief about the Eco-Innovation Action Plan in an environmental policy context has been published today. Check! There you can find interesting reading for the coming holiday season!

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