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Binance Japan Launches New Platform, Ready for 34 Token Trading

• Binance Japan, a subsidiary of crypto exchange Binance, has begun accepting new users in Japan on its recently released platform.
• There are currently 34 tokens accessible for spot trading on Binance Japan.
• Recently, Binance has been granted a license to provide virtual asset exchange services by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in Dubai.

Binance Japan Begins Accepting New Users

Binance Japan, a subsidiary of crypto exchange Binance, will soon begin accepting new users on its recently released platform in Japan. Two years ago, authorities issued a warning to the exchange for operating illegally in the country. A variety of products and services, including spot trading and Earn products, are now available to new users in Japan. There are currently 34 tokens accessible for spot trading on Binance Japan, with BNB being one of them.

Sustainable Growth

After 2023-08-14, a distinct notice will be given to commence the migration process for existing users in Japan who are enrolled with the exchange’s global platform. In November of last year, Binance purchased Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC), a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Two major cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase (COIN) and Kraken have suspended operations in the country due to “market conditions” in recent months. At the WebX conference held in Tokyo last week, Japanese authorities hinted at the impending implementation of additional Web3-related rules. The exchange believes that providing Japan with regulated exchange services will help the country’s digital asset industry grow and create a sustainable Web3 ecosystem.

Increasing Interest In Blockchain Tech

Recently there has been an increasing interest in blockchain technology from Japanese authorities which is why they are implementing additional web3 related rules at conferences held throughout Tokyo. This makes it an ideal location as it provides both innovative spirit and increasing interest towards blockchain technology which is necessary for creating sustainability within this sector across multiple countries globally..

Regulatory Authorities Increase Scrutiny Over Sector

Regulatory authorities across the globe have increased scrutiny over this sector since recent times as seen by Coinbase (COIN) and Kraken suspending their operations due to market conditions while also granting licenses such as Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) which was granted by Dubai’s VARA to allow exchanges like Binance’s FZE subsidiary provide virtual asset services legally through their own platform .

Whopping 1.41 Billion Terra Luna Classic Burned By Binance

Highlighted Crypto News Today: Whopping 1.41 Billion Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has been burned by Binance recently indicating that more liquidity is expected to enter into circulation shortly after this event occurs

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