WP1 Updated inventory and case exploration of European PE innovations

The aim of WP1 is to develop an up-to-date inventory of current and prospective European public engagement innovations. This inventory will provide a background for the selection of a minimum of 50 cases of innovative PE processes related to the governance of science in society. These case explorations will collectively form a catalogue of innovative PE activities in Europe. The results of WP1 will inform the conceptual refinements envisaged in WP2.


WP2 Refinement of the conceptual model

The aim of WP2 is to refine the conceptual model that will
1) inform and possibly reorient data collection (WP1),
2) provide conceptual categories that are relevant in identifying contextual factors related to the tailoring of best PE practices (WP3), and
3) help draw generalizable lessons of PE case studies, to be used in the development of the PE design toolkit (WP4).


WP3 Context-tailoring and piloting of best practice PE processes

The pilots will be carried out in the context of research programs closely linked to Horizon 2020 Challenges. The aim of WP3 is to
1) test and refine at least 6 innovative PE tools and processes in the context of research programs closely collectively linked to all six Horizon 2020 Challenges;
2) evaluate the feasibility of the using the tools tested in the pilots for other countries and for other Societal Challenges; and
3) gain further understanding of the relevance of contextual factors in designing PE processes, and to provide input for the toolkit (developed in WP4).


WP4 Development of the PE design toolkit

The aim of WP4 is
1) to capitalize the knowledge generated through the activities carried out in the previous WP’s through the development of a highly usable Toolkit that policy actors can use in the identification and transfer of PE practices; and
2) to make it available on the web so as to make it easily accessible. The toolkit will adopt a problem-solving approach, allowing users (e.g. science policy makers, other societal stakeholders) to develop comprehensive strategies for selecting, activating and enhancing PE processes.


WP5 Dissemination and communication

The objective of WP5 is to communicate the results and insights from the PE2020 project to academic and broader communities, and to interact with science policy actors and societal stakeholders involved with research and innovation processes. The project aims to contribute to an increased awareness of best PE practices and to the implementation of better societal engagement in Horizon 2020.


WP6 Management

The aim for WP6 is to provide the necessary management services to the project and by so doing provide the best possible conditions for the research activities in PE2020.